Terms and Conditions

By booking a beach volleyball court at Sprinks Farm, you agree with the below terms.

1. The Hirer (the person who booked the court) is responsible for ensuring payment of hire charges and full compliance with these Terms and Conditions. If there is more than one Hirer, liability will apply equally to each Hirer.

2. The Hirer must be over the age of 18 yrs.

3. Sprinks Farm reserves the right to cancel or refuse to hire on all dates hired or requested without giving prior notice. This would normally apply in the following circumstances:-
• In the event of a national or local emergency where it would be unsafe to use the facilities; or
• Because of inappropriate conduct during a previous hiring.
In such cases, Sprinks Farm will give the Hirer as much notice as possible in the prevailing circumstances and Sprinks Farm shall not be held liable for any loss or consequence to the Hirer. If the booking has to be cancelled by Sprinks Farm, any sum paid by the Hirer will be refunded.
Sprinks Farm may also cancel a booking without notice if the full amount of the hire charge has not been paid in advance of the hire period (24 hours after booking as required or agreed by Sprinks Farm over the phone)

4. The following fees/charges will apply in the event that a booking is cancelled by the Hirer:-

Block Booking

(a) 14 days’ notice or less – full charge
(b) 15 days to a month’s notice – half charge
(c) Over a month’s notice – no charge
A Block Booking is defined as a booking of 10 or more sessions booked at one time – whether for daily, weekly, or monthly hire. The maximum period for a block booking is one year.

Regular Booking

3 or more working days’ notice – no charge
Otherwise full charge payable.
Except in either case where the cancellation was for reasons outside of the Hirer’s control or where the booking has been rescheduled to take place within one month of the original booking.

5. No alcoholic liquor shall be consumed on or around the courts.

6. The Hirer will indemnify Sprinks Farm in respect of:
All damage (including damage, loss or destruction to the Sprinks Farm’s buildings and their contents, fixtures and fittings) however or by whomever caused during the period of hire.
All claims (including all actions, claims and demands relating to or arising directly or indirectly as a result of or in consequence of the hiring).
Except where damage or claims arise wholly as a result of:-
• Fire, lightning or explosion not attributable to the act of any person; or
• Any defects in the facility hired or any of the Sprinks Farm property within that facility of which the hirer was not aware and could not reasonably have been aware.

7. Sprinks Farm reserves the right for its staff to enter the facilities at all times.

8. The sub-letting of any booking is not permitted.

9. The Hirer shall vacate the premises at the time stipulated and shall leave the facility – including fixtures and fittings and other equipment provided with the facility in a clean and tidy condition.

10. Any article or property belonging to the Hirer or other person which is left on the premises at the end of the hire period and not claimed within 28 days will be disposed of by the Sprinks Farm. Sprinks Farm will not accept any liability for any loss or damage to private property left at the premises.

11. All fire safety regulations must be strictly adhered to by the Hirer who shall in no way interfere with fire appliances except in the case of emergencies.

12. Hirers must comply with all Health and Safety regulations.

13. Hirers must only stay on the court within their agreed timeslot. Overplaying is not permitted without prior agreement.

14. Footwear should not be worn on the court.

15. No climbing is permitted on the fence or nets.

16. Please return all balls and other used equipment after use.

17. The following is NOT permitted on the pitch:
• Food or drink
• Smoking
• Dogs
• Bicycles
Smoking is NOT permitted anywhere at Sprinks Farm.

Failure to comply may result in the immediate withdrawal of facilities for you.