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Volleyball Activities

Birthday Parties

Looking to book a special sporty birthday party? Kick off the celebrations with our volleyball activities. 

Our volleyball parties are a fantastic, fun and unique experience for children aged 5-15 and we guarantee an unforgettable day of laughs! With the flexibility to tailor your party to the skills, abilities and preferences of the guests, Beach Volleyball at Sprinks Farm can cater for everyone.  

Our favourite parties include:

Younger Children

Sand play and ball games

Ages 7 to 10

Beach Volleyball with mini tournament

For All

Deer Park tour experience with sport

Looking to book a beach volleyball party?

Fun with Friends

Challenge your friends, get the adrenaline pumping and get competitive at Sprinks with our volleyball activities! We offer tailored sessions for groups of all ages and abilities, giving you the opportunity to get stuck into the sport with your nearest and dearest. Wave goodbye to boring weekends on the sofa and inject some energy into your lifestyle; try something new with beach volleyball.  

Starting with a quick demonstration, we can help you to understand your skill level and start you off with games and volleyball play that suits you. Once you’ve built your confidence, challenge yourselves with a mini tournament (available for 4 to 16 people), which we can assist in managing to keep things fun and fresh. 

Never even heard of beach volleyball? Don’t panic, you can still rock our courts. We can accommodate all skill levels, from experts to complete novices, including family groups with children. Just be warned, children often pick up the game quick, so things might get competitive!  

Holiday & Weekend Clubs

We organise fun clubs on our beach volleyball courts for selected weekends, as well as for half term and term holidays (in the spring and summer). Our club offers activities for junior athletes from 5 to 15 years old, to fill their free time with fun and get them active.  

Our multi-activity camps are a great way for kids to try out new activities and gain skills during the summer holidays or half term breaks. With the club running from 9am to 4pm, you can keep your kids occupied and engaged for hours on end. There is the option to book individual days, as well as a whole week (childcare vouchers are accepted). This flexible childcare option means your child can try a day on camp before you book the full week, and you can relax in the knowledge your child is having fun, keeping active, and enjoying the outdoors on our scenic volleyball courts. We always adjust the activities so that they are suitable for all skill levels and encourage ability development.

Keep an eye out for our holiday clubs, we will be posting dates and availabilities soon! 

Saturday Club


Sunday Club


Holiday Club


Volleyball Activities

Find out about our upcoming events including holiday clubs, coaching sessions and tournaments.

Coaching & Skill Building

If you enjoy our volleyball activities, have a go at our professional coaching led by experts. We follow the long-term athlete development model (LTAD), which lays out the activities according to specific ages and stages of development. At the ages of 5 to 8, we can get straight onto the volleyball court with a focus on balance, coordination and agility. The coaching is designed to increase positive experiences in sport and encourage lifelong participation by laying the foundation of confident and competent movement from an early age.  

For older players, the focus will revolve around building volleyball skills, improving technique and building agility in the sport. The program has opportunities to be tailored to the ambitions of the individual and can be adapted to reach the desired stage the player aims to achieve.

Any coaching or skill building sessions include the warmup, core programme on the beach volleyball court and cooling down period with stretching to prevent any injuries and ensure long term progress and enjoyment of the sport.

Individual and/or team sessions can be arranged based on your needs, skills and availability.

Did you know?
We love a team sport! Played by two teams of two players on a sandy court divided by a high net, beach volleyball is the perfect game to bring people together. The objective of the game is to send the ball over the net and to ground it on the opponent's side of the court. Each team works in unison to volley the ball over the net and try to prevent the opposing team from hitting it back, instead grounding the ball on their side of the court.
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