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Volleyball Court Hire

Players of all ages, skills and experience are welcome and we can’t wait for you to hire a beach volleyball court and join us for a game; use the booking form to reserve a court, set in the heart of our family farm, for your chosen day and time. A minimum of 2 people is required to play, though we recommend 4  people and the maximum number allowed on each court is 8.

You can view our prices below or visit our pricing page for more details including full day rental prices, payment will be taken upon arrival.

Week Days

£ 10 per hour
  • Members £7 per hour


£ 15 per hour
  • Members £10 per hour

Please arrive in suitable, comfortable outdoor clothes, no shoes are needed (beach volleyball is played barefoot) however you might like to wear neoprene socks in case the sand is too cold.

Bring your family, your friends, and enjoy this fantastic sport in the open air!